The lmonade Project

Goal: A platform for development and distribution of mathematical software

lmonade is a light-weight meta distribution of scientific software that can be installed without administrative rights on Unix based operating systems. It creates a uniform environment for development to simplify code sharing and distribution especially when complex dependencies are involved. This platform enables researchers to build on existing tools without fear of losing users to baffling installation instructions, and allows them to concentrate on specialized reusable libraries while taking advantage of testing and distribution infrastructure available only in large monolithic systems. (Source)

From a mail conversation between Hans-Gert Gräbe (HGG), Burcin Erocal (BE) and Albert Heinle (AH) (2013-02-20)

Cooperation with the SymbolicData project

BE: Yes, we are definitely interested in such a cooperation.

I would be happy to discuss issues related to symbolic data packaging in lmonade on the mailing list!forum/lmnd-devel

Relation to SDEval

BE: We can optionally install the scripts from SDEval from the (yet to be created) symbolic data package in lmonade. For this we need to make sure that they work outside of the directory tree obtained from the SD repository.

AH: It does. If you do not have the SymbolicData entries, you will be asked for a complete path to access them in the You cannot make export folders without taking the entries from SymbolicData.