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The E-Science Benchmarking Project

The E-Science Benchmarking Project is a project within the E-Science Network Saxonia framework scheduled within the track Cluster Projects E-Systems.

Basic Project

Project duration: 01.09.2012 - 31.08.2013

Project description: The main goal of the project is the qualification of practices and existing collections of benchmark data in the area of symbolic computing towards the concepts of the Linked Data Web. We explicitely aim at a transformation of the SymbolicData benchmark collection into an interlinking ready form using meanwhile established data description standards (based on RDF and OWL) and practices. Based on those experiences we plan to include more data collections from different areas of symbolic computing into the SymbolicData framework.

Project resources: The project is staffed with 0.5 full assistant scientist position held by Andreas Nareike.

Project schedule: The project divides naturally into two phases.

(A) Preparation and transformation of the SymbolicData Data Base for interlinking.

We use the well approved agile-evolutive concept “a little bit coding, a little bit testing” for transformation of semantic data that also allows the assistant scientist to get familiar with the concepts from both the semantic web and the symbolic computing areas. Such a concept is best suited for an adaptive process of data transformation according to the not yet formalized target semantic concepts.

(B) Integration of SymbolicData spin offs and other data collections from different areas of symbolic computing along the concepts developed in phase (A)

Different to the SymbolicData practice so far and in accordance with experiences of the semantic web community we try to achieve a better understanding if and how a decentralized data management will be better suited for the transformation of a heterogeneous landscape of symbolic computing web 2.0 projects into semantically interlinked web 3.0 formats. This requires substantial structural and conceptional work with considerably explorative character, since the semantic web technologies developed so far need to be approved useful also on heterogeneous semantically rich structures as they typically occur within symbolic computing.

Working plan: (in weeks from the project start at 01.09.2012)

Project Extension

Project duration: 01.03. - 31.07.2014

Project description: The goal of the project extension is to complete another work package (C) to consolidate and to further interlink semantically the data collected and structured so far and to trigger and support communication processes between the different CA communities involved so far.

Project resources: The project is staffed with 0.5 full assistant scientist position held by Simon Johanning.

Project schedule: Develop special applications within the general concept of a Computer Algebra Social Network to prove the substantial structural and conceptional work done in phase (B) to be reliable for the e-science requirements of the scientific community of Symolic Computation that has several subcommunities.

Working plan: