People, Groups and Affiliations

See the files People.ttl in the repository.

Used ontologies:


People are modeled as foaf:Person. The naming scheme is (e.g. Mueller\_JH) where *name* is the full surname, initials are the concatenated initials of the other name parts with a further letter to make the identifier unique, transformed to [true ASCII strings](Naming "wikilink").


The instances of that class cover any person involved with Computeralgebra, in particular authors of papers listed in the SymbolicData Bibliography references system. Note that the provided information is not necessarily up to date.

2014-07-13 HGG: foaf:affiliation and foaf:country were renamed to sd:.. since these keys are SD-specific so far. sd:country values were changed to dbpedia country URIs.

2014-06-01 HGG: Person/Dan-Cohen.. and Person/Lange-Hegermann.. changed to Person/DanCohen.. and Person/LangeHegermann..

2014-03-08 HGG: The field foaf:mbox was removed from the public repo due to privacy reasons.

We plan within the CASN extension to offer the people to maintain their own ProfileDocument either within the CA Semantic Network of at another Linked Data aware site of their own choice.


Contributions to SymbolicData are acknowledged within a knowledge base Contributions.ttl. People involved with SymbolicData have additionally the type sd:Contributor with predicates

2014-03-08 HGG: This information was separated to its own knowledge base.

Personal Accounts, Groups and Affiliations

Used ontologies:

This is yet experimental and was moved to a non-public repo due to privacy reasons. We try to shape and sharpen the concepts on the target of German CA Working Groups and Projects within the SPP 1489. Part of the information is available via the [CASN SymbolicData CASN SPARQL endpoint]( “wikilink”).

The knowledge base CAFG-Intern.ttl contains more detailed information about people. Part of that information is used to display the Board of the German CA-Fachgruppe.

Predicates of foaf:Person

foaf:Group - used to group people according to different contexts as, e.g.

The knowledge base Groups.ttl contains informations about German CA Working Groups and (to come up) Projects within the SPP 1489.

CA Working Groups are modeled as org:Organization, larger organizational units are modeled as org:FormalOrganization (and will be more tightly aligned with the DBpedia knowledge base). For the relations between them we use the predicate org:subOrganizationOf. We use predicates from the skos-Ontology as recommended by the org ontology standards. There is not yet an established naming scheme, but we use prefix for CA Working Groups, prefix for CA Projects and prefix for formal organizations.


Part of the information about groups was extracted from the Web Site of the German CA-Fachgruppe that offered also keywords on the working topics. Those entries have additionally the predicates