Bibliographical Notes

Note that the concept of Bibliographical Notes is not yet at the end where it should be. In particular, the MSC2000 and MSC2010 RDF versions offer great potential for


Bibliographical Notes are designed to collect places in the literature where the different data collected within SymbolicData are referenced. Such a system of references is under heavy development and hence a good candidate really to stress the intercommunity aspects.

Related projects are, e.g.:

All we need are sentences of the form

TheVerySpecialSDExample was_cited_in TheVeryInterestingPaper .

TheVeryInterestingPaper has_author FranzBeckenbauerTheMathematician .

In such sentences URIs play a central role that are - according to the Linked Data Principle - in the best way world wide unique and cured by an authority providing reliable information

For the moment we provide own URIs both for People (incl. authors) and bibliographical references with minimal own information to identify people and bibliographical references later on in central data stores.

Note that in a fully-fledged Linked Data world we easily could ask questions as

List_all ?VerySpecialSDExamples was_cited_in ?Papers has_author FranzBeckenbauerTheMathematician .

without storing sentences of the second kind, since we can ask remotely the bibliographical service

List_all ?Papers has_author FranzBeckenbauerTheMathematician .

For more details see the knowledge base Bibliography.ttl that contains URIs and short description of the bibliographical references used within SymbolicData and links to external collections of bibliographical data (citeseer, GB Bibliography and ZBMath for the moment)


BIB.Ontology - an informal description of the Ontology developed so far

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