About the SymbolicData Project


The SymbolicData project is set out

SymbolicData is an inter-community project that has its roots in the activities of different Computer Algebra Communities and thus combines to serve the needs within the major social frame of the CA community at large and, together with specialists from the different areas, the special needs of the different CA subcommunities. Most of these needs are of cross cutting nature, hence it is important to concentrate the scarce resources available for infrastructural efforts to develop common concepts and tools.

Tools and data are designed to be used both

To operate a common public data project as SymbolicData requires appropriate Copyright settings. SymbolicData tools and data are available for download under the terms of the GNU Public License.

This means that contributors have to accept those terms as inavoidable for a contribution. If you contribute to SymbolicData we silently assume that you accept to give an unrevocable nonexclusive right to use your contribution under the terms of the GNU GPL and that you are allowed to grant such rights.

Main goals

The SymbolicData Project aims at two main goals:



At the moment the project hosts data from the following communities within Symbolic Computing

The project manages additional Data:

Experimental data (work in progress):

CASN - Computer Algebra Social Network